Black what??

So as a lot of you who know me, I love to make cakes. It’s one thing I can do to show my love for the family and friends. Since it has been so long since writing on my blog, I will need to do a bit of catching up and what better way than to start with a good cake?

One of my first cakes was an birthday cake for my son, black buttercream on candy corn layer cake. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the inside after cutting it open, however, it was a white cake that I had colored into the layers of candy corn. Since my son’s birthday is in October, I chose a Halloween theme.IMG_0350.JPG

The buttercream was an adventure in itself, my apologies to the fam for that one. In my innocent ignorance of adding coloring to any buttercream, this one put me to school. Not realizing that a true black doesn’t turn out like other color without a bit of help. So, after mixing in  a lot of black coloring gel (my apologies to the fam for their health scare) and it only coming out a dark shade of grey, I was freaking out to say the least and the vocabulary was getting blacker than the frosting!

So, to Pinterest I go and of course I had my answer within seconds, phew! Had it all sorted out, thankfully, and I completed an awesome cake that was tasty besides being good to look at.

This cake still gets talked about, even two years later.


For the Buttercream frosting:

  • If you do want black color, use cocoa powder until the right blackness is reached.

For the Cake:

  • You will need to adjust the cooking time if making a cake, just add approximately 10 minutes to your cooking time.




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