DIY Hacks

Tried and True!!

So I love to try things that I find on Pinterest, and recently I found one idea that really does work. Everyone enjoys having a nice smelling home, right? Well, so do I and to top it all off, I like ideas a lot more when they save me money. Even better…

So when I found his DIY air freshener spray that could potentially save me money I had to try it. I had just bought a bottle of Gain scent boosters to give them a go, which smells fantastic by the way, so I threw the ingredients together let it sit to dissolve the Gain beads. Wait for about a half an hour, stir again and then pour into your spray bottle. You can get a good spray bottle for about a dollar pretty much anywhere. Remember to shake it up before spray to make sure that the Gain beads are fully dissolved and mixed.

And voila! Magic happened and now I have a great air freshener that smells awesome and is cheap! Each time you go to use it, just shake it up a bit and enjoy.

Keep your house smelling fresher longer.:

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