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It’s amazing how many ideas there are out there to decorate a cake. A coupe of years ago, I truly was stumped on how to decorate my daughters birthday cake just because of all the ideas out there. I knew it was going to be covered in white fondant, but I wasn’t comfortable with flowers or much else with fondant decorations at that time.

Because my daughter is into art, drawing, painting, etc. I wanted it to emulate her artsy side and also to be unique for her. So, as I was drooling in the local craft store’s cake making isle for inspiration, I found out that there are food coloring markers out there! I know, right?! Amazing! Give that innovator a big hug! The idea hit me. Markers, white “canvas”… Let her decorate the cake! Sweet!


What’s more amazing is that you can have your kids and everyone else draw on the cake as well. That way, everyone can contribute to the cake decorating. Brilliant!! I got super excited to put it together, to say the least. A very simple, white fondant cake and not too much time put into decorating it.

The cake was a white cake that I colored each level into an hombre-style. Hombre-style (just like the hair coloring technique) is where you go from a dark to light of the same color in a progression on each level. My daughter loves the color purple, so the progression went from a dark violet to white, starting on the bottom. When you make your hombre, you simply pour your batter into a new pan after each color addition. That way, all the batter is used and you don’t have to use too many dishes. If you choose a color that requires a lot of gel or dye to reach the darkness you want, then do divide them equally into separate bowls before adding your color. A lot of food coloring can change the taste and consistency of your batter and ultimately ruin your cake.

With the fondant, I really like working with marshmallow fondant because it tastes so much better than some other recipes and it is really easy to whip together. Because there was so much excess in one batch of fondant and I had no foreseeable need for fondant, I simply rolled small balls of the fondant so that it was kind of like a string of pearls going around the cake. Nice and simple. An easy marshmallow fondant recipe can be fouIMG_0315nd here.



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