A Sister-Missionary’s Farewell

Last year, my dear sweet niece made the most humble and sacrificial decision to leave her
brynnfamily and loved ones for 2 years to serve a mission for her church. She pressed the pause button to her education and life to do this and as far as I can tell from reading her weekly emails, she is loving every minute of it. Because she was going to be gone for some time, I wanted to make the cake for her little “farewell” gathering. For the cake, I decided to use my Mocha Espresso cake with fudge filling recipe. But instead of using the fudge filling, I made a white-chocolate-buttercream. The white chocolate frosting became the filling and outside frosting for the cake. I needed a simple cake that I could bake, assemble and get frosted fairly quickly.

Once I had the cake all assembled and frosted, I noticed that the dark chocolate cake was showing through in some areas of the white frosting. Oops! So I quickly melted down some chocolate and piped it out on strips of parchment paper and allowed them to set. I then pressed the chocolate onto the sides of the cake. Nothing like a little stick of chocolate to dip in you white-chocolate frosting. Yummy!

Because of the time I had around work, kids and family life, I wanted to use gum paste for img_1447the decorations that would sit on top of the cake because I could make them far in advance and they would be fully dry and ready before the day came to bake the cake. Because it’s a missionary’s farewell cake, I knew the decorations on it would center around the religion and the country that my niece was called to serve her mission in. Manchester, England if anyone was wondering. I was and still am super jealous! I love everything British, Irish, Scottish, etc. Pretty much anything from the UK I am ga-ga for.

For the spiritual aspect, I wanted to make a book from the gum paste and have the pages opened to a verse that highlights the work and service that my awesome niece would be doing.img_1448

To get typing on the open pages of the book, I had to get a little creative. I formatted a Microsoft Word document to fit the size of the book and typed out the scripture. It took a bit of work to get it all formatted to fit and look good, but it got done. The only non-edible decorations on the cake are the printed pages, the letter stickers for the name placard and the sticker of the Union Jack flag. Some compromises had to be made because of time and supplies.

I also decorated the room a bit by making a banner that read “Spit Spot, Off You Go”. It was all very fun to give my niece a good send off. I was glad to hear that she has kept the cake decorations and the banner as keepsakes of the event. Sweet!


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